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Pre-built Solutions

“Many Develop Products, Few Engineer Them”

At VetriVa, we don’t really develop products, we design pre-built applications and environments to fast-track the implementations. An engineered solution sets the stage for a product.
Transportation and Logistics - Shipping Enterprise Planning Application
HR Management – Enterprise Manpower Planning Application
Enterprise Planning and Budgeting
IT/ITES Enterprise Planning and Budgeting
Healthcare Enterprise Planning Application
Automotive Enterprise Planning Application

Shipping Enterprise Planning Application

Shipping Enterprise Planning application is a prebuilt planning application specifically built to address the budgeting of an organization who are primarily into Cargo handling and own vessels for the cargo handling. The application is built based on our knowledge and our experience in working with Shipping clients.


Profit & Loss by Vessel, Route, Customer, Origin and Destination.

Capex budgeting for vessel dry docking and repair & maintenance.

Allocation of Sales and derive volume based on Vessel Capacity and No of Trips.

KPI Reporting like Volume by Customer/Vessel and Freight Revenue.

Ability to do what if analysis on Freight Rate, Fuel Rate and Port Charges.

Allocation of Common cost to Vessels based on Revenue or Volume handled.

HR Management – (Enterprise Manpower Planning Application)

Enterprise Manpower Planning application is a prebuilt planning application specifically built to address the budgeting of an organization who want to budget for the manpower expenses and forecast monthly. The application is built based on our knowledge and our experience in working with Manpower budgeting.


Ability to budget or forecast by named employee, position and key employee related expenses for 5 budget years.

Ability to apply Annual increment and calculate allowances based on the Job position.

Allocation of employee cost to the projects assigned and derive Project Related cost.

Deployment of Manpower planning application quicker based on the standard.

Country specific calculations for e.g. CPF Calculation for Singaporean clients who deal with Monthly CPF and AWS CPF.

Enterprise Planning and Budgeting

“Move from Data Collection to Decision Support” This is the logic that drives VetriVa to design and develop a custom solution that simplifies the planning process. VetriVa’s experience in developing and implementing financial solutions exclusively for Planning and Budgeting had enabled us to offer custom solutions that offer better advantages and benefits to the finance users and planning community. VetriVa’s solution “PlanWise” is one Integrated Planning Platform that can address different planning requirements. It shortens planning cycles and improves Business Predictability.

  • User Friendly Web based Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Platform
  • Supports Enterprise wide planning and budgeting
  • Adopts the Master Budget Method - tightly integrates the Financial and operational budget
  • Drastically reduces the planning cycle, hence more time on Business Analysis
  • Navigate, communicate and investigate seamlessly-Built in Dynamic Dashboard.

Key Features

Workflow Define the tasks involved in the entire budgeting cycle and assign the task responsibility to the respective users and fix deadline for the tasks and track the same.

Process Cockpit 360 view of the entire planning process, which makes it easy to know the status of what has been completed, what next and who is responsible for what

Instant Messaging inbuilt Instant Messaging client which provides seamless communication between the users within the Application

Dashboard & Reporting feature rich Inbuilt and user defined dashboard capability which provides,

  • First-hand information on the Planning process
  • Holistic view to analysis the Planning, Budgeting and Forecast data
  • Allow users to pinpoint the area that needs attention and analyze the underlying data

Process Management method for reviewing and approving the planning data within PlanWise. The Process Control allows a user to review, promote, submit, approve, and reject planning data

Calculation Engine enables the user to link business drivers to the budget and also used for spreading cost/data across dimensions like Entity period, etc

Security inbuilt Security Module which takes care of the Authorization and Authentication

Role-Based-Access-Control (RBAC) the security module has the inbuilt roles like Planner, Reviewer, Approver and Plan owner etc

Multidimensional Approach PlanWise is based on the Multidimensional Database. The multidimensional data model enforces simplicity by giving up to the minimum redundancy, exactly opposite to the relational model

ETL Module includes the Data load Module which enable the user to load data into the PlanWise from delimited Flat files and Microsoft Excel files

Sharing data by linking to an Excel worksheet from PlanWise

Moving data by importing Excel data into PlanWise

Connecting to PlanWise from Excel

The Add-in, adds new capabilities into the Excel by providing a new Ribbon into the Excel interface


Control of the planning process

Reduces Cycle time

Increases Turn Around Time (TAT)

Version Control

Efficient and Effective Dashboard Reporting

Security at operational level

Instant Messaging

IT/ITES Enterprise Planning and Budgeting

  • Ability to budget or forecast by Projects/Clients/ Locations.
  • Ability to interrelate resources to the Projects.
  • Driver based model to compute the Total Cost and Revenue based on the number of man days, man day cost and rate and outcomes of the project.
  • Flexible model to derive the License price based on Software and the Hardware cost based on the Hardware configuration. Standard templates to budget for Shift Allowances, Project bonus, Business Travel and other Project Related Expenses.
  • Income Statement by Projects/Clients/Locations/Programs.
  • Flexibility in the application to extend the capabilities to Cash flow forecasting and Budgeting.

Healthcare Enterprise Planning Application

  • Profit and Loss by Patient Type, Service Class and Divisions.
  • Computation of Workload (Inpatient, Out patient, Day Surgery and Emergency) based on % increase or parameters like No of Beds, No of Doctors, First visits, Second visits etc. .
  • Allocation of Opex based on the Workload by Specialties like Cardiology, Gynaecology etc..
  • KPI Reporting like Bed Occupancy Rate, Average Bill Size (ABS), Workload Increase/Decrease etc. .
  • Ability to do what if analysis on Workload Increase/Decrease, ABS % Increase and Inflation % on Opex.
  • Ability to inflate the Opex by certain inflation factors based on Prior year Actual, Budget.

Automotive Enterprise Planning Application

  • Ability to budget No of vehicles to be sold(CKD/CBU) by Distribution Branches or Distributors by Product Models (Cars/Trucks/Buses) and convert to corresponding Manufacturing Units to be assembled.
  • Ability to compute Cost per unit based on Excise Duty, Transport Cost,Assembly cost and Manpower cost for Assembler and derive Selling price based on Margin %.
  • Ability to differentiate Import and Export Sales by Products and the KPI’s.
  • Ability to budget for After Sales services based on the no of vehicles sold in the previous months.
  • Profit and Loss by Product/Branches/Sales/AfterSales and Import/Export.
  • Ability to do employee based budgeting and with variable parameters likes Bonus,Salary Inc %
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