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Over the past years, since the establishment of VetriVa Solutions as a Global consulting firm, we have continued to expand our global network while providing high value-added Enterprise Business Transformation services that assist our clients achieve management excellence.

Since the founding of the firm, every resource at VetriVa has been striving to provide consulting services that make us the “Right Partner” for our clients. We just don’t develop applications, we provide solutions that address changing business demands. We thrive to add “Value to the Value Chain”. Irrespective of the complexity of the challenge or the process, we examine our client’s operations to enable them achieve excellence based on our extensive experience and knowledge.

To each client, we promise to deliver best practices, and help them achieve their organization goals, taking account of the different cultural aspects and business customs of each country and locality.

It is in our DNA that we continue to work closely with each client on a long term basis with a sense of assurance to ensure that industry best practices and the “Right” practices that we have acquired over a period of time working with different clients worldwide, are integrated in to their operations.

We will continue to serve as the only “Right Partner” for our clients with the focus of helping them achieve management excellence thereby consolidating their operational and financial processes and help them in informed decision making by leveraging our best practices in modelling and advanced analytics.

Who we are?

“Highly Motivated, Rightly Talented, Technologically Profound” mix of subject matter experts who apply their experience and expertise to transform the way corporations run their business.

VetriVa is a mix of Associates and Resources

Associates + Resources = Resourciates

Associates: associate themselves for the development of an organization and thus directly connected with the performance of an organization.

Resources: act as a capital/investment of an organization providing resourceful insights/ideas for the development of the organization.

VetriVa titles them as “Resourciates” – a unique blend of professionals who bring along a rich wealth of experience and expertise having Worked with organizations across industries and verticals. Always geared to engineer the best suited solutions which directly address the bottom-line of our customers.

What we do?

VetriVa empowers organizations to align their IT processes to its business process so that “IT Systems” enables them to optimize their organizational performance and achieve Management Excellence.

VetriVa doesn’t do different things, it does Things Differently. VetriVa help organizations uncover the insight to shape their products/services and customer experiences. We offer Business Transformation Services.

Our underlying Philosophy – “Improve Organizational Performance” and realize better “Return on (IT) Investment”

Our services are positioned to increase shareholder value by shifting from a 'Share of the Market' mind set to the 'Share of Customer' paradigm


“To be a reliable solution provider to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions for clients enabling them to maximize on their investments...”


“To help our clients achieve business performance and management excellence to make better decisions through our highly motivated consultants who bring in the best practises…”

Core Values

Team Work - Together with our team we can achieve more

Timely Delivery - Strive to provide Timely Delivery with high quality

Customer Focus - All our strategies are centred on it “What is best for our clients”

Quality - Engage the Right People with Right Experience

Passion - Desire to Exceed Excellence and improve always

Integrity - “Do the right things in the right way”

Competitive Differentiation

Operational Excellence

VetriVa insists in the application of a variety of principles, systems, and tools towards the sustainable improvement of key performance metrics in all the work that it does. We don’t change the goal post, we optimize our route to reach it.

Customer Intimacy

At VetriVa, we treat every Customer Challenge as a Business Opportunity. We add “Value to the Value Chain” of our customers. This helps us in improved highly tailored problem solving capabilities and greater adaptation of products/solutions to customer needs, as well as higher customer loyalty levels.

Solutions Leadership

It’s a normal analogy that “Great Leaders don’t tell you what to do, They show you how it is done”. At VetriVa, we “Tell you what to do, how to do, and, do it for you”.

Technology is only a catalyst to develop a system, we are solution leaders and adapt to any technology environment. Our compelling vision and past experiences have enabled us to challenge the most intricate business problem and provide the “Most Suited” solution to it.


We are not “People Different”, we are “People Perfect”. We are the right mix of people with deep industry knowledge and experience. We just don’t talk, “We Walk our Talk”. Commitment in terms of quality, time are the core driving factors of our success.

Employment Philosophy

“Minds @ Work - Your Career……Our Passion”.

At VetriVa, our focus is on creating a positive impact on each of the customers and to the society and help they optimize their potential.

We thrive hard to identify those aspiring individuals who have the spirit, Go-To Attitude, energy to excel, desire to dedication, and, most of all the commitment to challenges the challenges. VetriVa commits that it provides all its employees with the industry best training, certifications, orientation to encourage personal and professional growth, provide a thought-provoking, challenging and rewarding work environment, and to foster a feeling of pride in the work they do.

VetriVa’s Employment Philosophy

To conduct our business with honesty and integrity and abide by all the laws of the land.

To provide a safe, healthy, and harmonious working conditions for all its employees while promising a pleasant and rewarding experience.

To respect the individual rights of each employee while treating them with courtesy, dignity, and utmost respect.

To interview, select and recruit employees of the highest quality and based on their skills and abilities, which best matches the job position.

To regularly promote employees on the basis of their ability, performance, skills, and experience.

To continue to make VetriVa a desirable and preferred place to work .

i.Equal Opportunity Employment

“Being Ethical is Being Human”.

VetriVa prohibits discrimination based on race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

  • VetriVa is an Equal Opportunity Employer and it prohibits Discrimination and Harassment of any Kind. VetriVa is committed to the principle of “Equal Employment Opportunity” for all those who wish to apply for a suitable job position. VetriVa is also committed to provide its employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment.
  • Strict guidelines are followed to ensure that all employment decisions, including but not limited to those involving recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, compensation, benefits, transfer, discipline, and discharge, are guided by principles of law of the land and free from any unlawful discrimination.
  • All employment decisions at VetriVa are based on business needs, job requirements and individual qualifications, without regard to race, colour, religion or belief, national, social or ethnic origin, sex gender identity and/or expression, or any other status protected by the laws or regulations in the locations where we operate. VetriVa will not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on any of these characteristics.

ii.Disability Friendly

“Attitude is the biggest disability”.

VetriVa believes that “Disability doesn’t mean that someone is not able, perhaps, they are Differently Abled”. VetriVa chooses to not have disability as a criteria for selecting its employees and practices a policy not to do so in any circumstances.

  • VetriVa is committed to provide a friendly and encouraging work environment for all its employees and does not discriminate any employee or applicant based on his/her dis-ability of any kind.
  • VetriVa follows the strict guidelines stipulated by “Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India” and hence all hiring decisions are free from any bias based on disablement.
  • All employment decisions are based on the business needs and any such requirement which requires applicants to be completely “Fit for the job” are exceptional. Such decisions are well discussed and any room for accommodating an applicant with disability will be considered. Under circumstances, where the position requires an applicant to be with no disabilities, VetriVa will consider only those applicants who do not have any disabilities. Except for those positions, for all other requisitions, there will not be any discrimination towards applicants.

Corporate Social Responsibility

“Protecting the Planet that sustains us”

“Nurture Nature” – Leave behind a healthy planet for the generations to come”. At VetriVa, we believe that giving back to the society is not compulsory, but a necessity.

  • VetriVa is committed to provide an eco-friendly work environment for all its employees and in all its offices globally.
  • VetriVa aims to increase long-term profits through positive public relations, high ethical standards to reduce business and legal risk, and shareholder trust by taking responsibility for corporate actions
  • We understand that there is no “Planet B” and hence conduct our business thru electronic mode. We don’t encourage the use of paper for printing unless absolutely necessary.
  • 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) has been the objective of VetriVa on environmental protection and it ensures that all its employees follow it.

Global Spread

“Separated by distance, United by passion”

Headquartered in Malaysia, VetriVa had spread its wings in Singapore, India, Philippines and many more to come.

We are globally spread to get locally connected to our customers. Though a global company, VetriVa ensures that all its services are delivered with a local touch. The advantage of operating in different locations gives us an edge to be in close proximity to our customer sites which will help serve them better.

Stakeholder Engagement

“Social, Environmental and Financial” framework describes the way VetriVa operates.

Stakeholder engagement is a key part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and help us in achieving the triple bottom line.

  • VetriVa continuously strives to engage their stakeholders in dialogue to find out what social and environmental issues matter most to them about its performance in order to improve decision-making and accountability.
  • We ensure that no decisions are made before commencing stakeholder engagement on an issue. It is integral that the dialogue has legitimacy in influencing the decision.
  • VetriVa follows an open policy towards stakeholder participation. Willingness to listen; to discuss issues of interest to stakeholders of the organisation; and, also be flexible in terms of adjusting to the voices of stakeholders who get influenced by the action of a decision

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